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Nutrition Facts and Calories

Image descriptionYou can inform in this web page about Nutrition Facts (fats, carbohydrate, proteins) and calories in food.


Benefist of Vitamins

Image descriptionVitamins are the organic materials that are indispensable for the metabolic needs of the body. Although some of them are produced in the body, most of them are not produced in the body. For that reason, they needed to be taken from outside with the foods.


Diets for a Fit Body:

1600 Calorie Diet, 3-day-diet, American Heart Association Diet, Carbohydrate Diet, High Protein Diet, Muscle Development Diet


Exercise for a healthy and strong body

Fitness and Streching; Muscle Development - Abdominal, Back, Biceps, Chest, Forearms, Shoulder, Triceps Exercise...